Huron County Producers Eligible for Sanilac Emergency Loan

Spring and summer were dry in Le Pouce. At the height of the drought in June, 90% of Michigan was at least “unusually dry.”

That included the thumb, and it continued to be hotter than average even after the rest of the state cooled. For this reason, Sanilac County was declared a natural disaster area, due to drought, by the FSA in August. However, the FSA provides emergency credit to qualified producers not only in Sanilac, but also contiguous counties, including Huron.

There are certain conditions to receive the loan: the grower must have suffered a loss of 30% of his main harvest. Once the 30% is established, the FSA will take into account losses of other crops that do not meet the 30% threshold. After that, the loss is compared to the operation’s three-year production history.

However, 30% is quite high in terms of crop loss, according to farm loan manager Jerry Spickerman.

“I wonder if the producers are going to suffer so many losses,” he said. “That being said, we also have other programs available. If the producers have suffered a loss and that puts them in a situation where they need funding, it would be best if they contact the local loan manager. . “

In order for growers to complete the application documents, it will be necessary to know the current production of their main crop. Basically, the harvest must be completed before a grower can apply.

In addition, applicants must be unable to finance from a commercial source and have repayment capacity. Credit history and available collateral will be taken into account.

The loan application is currently open and will be available until April 11, 2022.

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