Dickinson County Health System renovates emergency room

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) – Construction staff continue renovations, as the Dickinson County Health System emergency room undergoes a complete overhaul. An ongoing project consists of renovating 15 private examination rooms.

“The overall aesthetic and updating of the facility had to happen to truly represent who we all are, and it’s about improving care in this community,” said Chuck Nelson, CEO of DCHS.

The project has been underway for over a year and will cost $ 1 million – covered by the hospital’s $ 17 million USDA loan. The community directly contributed to the project through a survey.

“We asked them what they wanted us to improve about care in the hospital and the emergency room was at the top of the list,” said Nelson.

The new emergency room will feature private and isolated rooms, updated ECG and MRI equipment, and an air filtration system.

“People with respiratory illness can immediately pass through a negative pressure triage room. The air they breathe is not recirculated into the waiting room. It is filtered and eliminated, ”said Dr Eric Johnson, director of the emergency department at DCHS.

Dr Johnson says the pandemic has been a strong motivation for the hospital to make renovations, as the new emergency room can accommodate more patients. State-of-the-art equipment makes the system one of the leaders in the region.

“We now have some of the most advanced CT and MRI capabilities in the region, juxtaposed right next to the emergency department,” Johnson said. “These services are available to anyone who comes through our health system. “

The hospital says construction will be complete by the end of October and the updated new equipment will allow staff to give patients the care they deserve.

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